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Snipets today aren't working?

Please try to follow the steps in this FAQ: Text Blaze | Frequently Asked Questions

Is Text Blaze down today??

Google, our cloud provider, is experiencing an outage. We're monitoring it and will keep you updated.

Hello, would like to understand more on DataBlaze history of macros. Is there a way to keep a log or know who last edited a table in DataBlaze please?

Hi @Rhiannon_Urry and welcome to the community!

We've recently launched row change history feature a few days ago! To access it expand the row (you can click on the row and click space) and click on "History" tab.

For business and enterprise subscribers we additionally provide "Organization action logs" space which contains all user actions within the organization logged.


Hi there!

I'd like to know:

  1. Is there a shotcut to open "Snippet search" when the dashboard window isn't opened?

2)Is there a White Label interface available?

We have a knowledge base for personal use, and it could also be useful for the very market niche we're in in. If we wish to provide a service for our peers, could we use either our logo or our customer's logo so they have a system they can call their own an to be proud of (an so on); would that be possible?

  1. Still on this case scenario, could I block download of the templates for the PCs I'll implant this intellgent KB?

  2. In a Business plan: could I centrally upgrade the whole set of messages / snippets at once, and all user be instantly up-to-date?

Thanks in advance!!!

Hi Danilo,

Here are the answers to your questions:

  1. You can open the popup assistant (which shows your snippets) from any webpage by typing Ctrl-Shift-Space (Windows/Linux) or Cmd-Shift-Space (Macintosh). Note that you can change this by going to the extensions shortcuts page in Chrome or the Text Blaze app settings for our Windows & Mac apps.

  2. We do not have a white label interface or option available. Though, we'd love to discuss a collaboration with you. Can you please email Dan (our CEO and Co-Founder) directly to discuss this? His email is

  3. See #2.

  4. When you share a Text Blaze folder with members of an organization, the changes you make are reflected for all users the folder is shared with. You can also assign default folders to members of your organization with the business plan.

If you have any additional questions, let us know here or feel free to send us an email at

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Is the TextBlaze Chrome extension having issues? The last day or two the product has not been working and I'm trying to find a way to contact support about it.

Thanks. That was quick!