Give it a try! Common abbreviations (public library)

A snippet folder of common abbreviations (fwiw -> for what it's worth)

The snippets in this folder trigger when the keyboard shortcut is typed as a full word (and not part of another word).

Click here and create your own copy of the folder and customize it to your needs.

Use this thread to suggest more abbreviations to add.

More instructions:
Enable the Capitalization command pack (Pro feature) and the word will be capitalized based on the way you type the shortcut:

  • Use lower case letters and the phrase will be typed in lower case letters (rn -> right now)
  • Start the shortcut with an upper case letter and the phrase will be typed starting with an upper case letter (Rn -> Right now)
  • Use Upper case letters and the first word will be typed in upper case letters (RN-> RIGHT now)
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Please take a look and share your thoguhts.


Love this! Thank you @Dan_Barak1! My only thought is what happens if, say, a user types any of the nearly 3000 words that contain the string “cul”. Would I be correct that the Snippet would be inserted in place of those characters within the respective words? Example: If I type the word “extracurricular”, it would appear as “extracurrisee you laterar”? Is there a way around this without using a trigger character like “/“ or “*”?

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Hi @Brad_Hedinger - the folder is set to "starting and ending with a wordbreak", so these shortcuts shouldn't affect other words.

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Yes, they will trigger only when the shortcut is typed as a full word and not as part of another word. I'll make it more clear in the folder description.

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Thank you for this

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This is pretty helpful! 90% of my emails contain these phrases :slight_smile:

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