Google Forms Date Picker Error

Hello guys, I know this might sound silly but I was trying to make a snippet to autofill Google Forms with basic information, one of the fields is a date picker from the form itself and I have tried several ways to auto pick the current date or at least give the option to pick one, however regardless of all efforts the date picker appears to not react or allow any input from the snippet, I have tried with doing it with Key Presses, Clicks, Selecting with the Selector to no avail since that isnt reacting at all with any type of input, the console on the Inspect option gives the error ''contentScript.js:1 beforeinput target range is empty: INPUT'' this might be something basic but I out of ideas at this point.
Thanks in advance.

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Hi @Cesar_Adrian_Echever Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Thanks for your question, it's a good one. I tried inputting into the date element and I was not able to get to work as well. I'll log an issue internally to handle this. I'll get back to you asap when I have an update.


Amazing product and features!
I, too, am trying to fill a date picker and can't get it to work. It is not a Google Form though. Other fields get filled out perfectly but the dates don't. I've tried formatting the date in various ways, also just typing the date, sending individual keys and even the downarrow and uparrow. These all work manually but not with Text Blaze. And I know (I think) the element on the site is selected correctly because the "script" stops there, but it doesn't provide any error codes.
Any other ideas to try?

Hi @Mario_Rappi are you able to share a link to the page? Also, can you share a video of the issue?

Thanks for the response!
But no, I can't share the link because it is password-protected, and I can't share a video because it has private information.
To what I said I can add that the script ends up highlighting in blue the MM for the month which is the first part of the field (MMDDYYYY).
Thanks again