Grey Square over Text Blaze extension icon, on Chrome Browser

A little grey square is shown over the Text Blaze extension icon on the Chrome Browser. (OS Windows 10 64bits) Is it normal? What is it?

Grey Square Text Blaze Icon

Hi @Fabiano_Thimotheo_TP Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

It means that you have a pending notification. You should be able to see the notification once you click on the icon.

Let me know if that works for you.

Nope! There are no pending notifications. :pensive:

Grey Square Text Blaze Icon

Interesting. Just to double check could you share the screenshot of the popup that opens when you click on the Text Blaze icon?

Pop-Up Window

Grey Square Text Blaze Icon

Great, thanks! I believe if you dismiss the "Welcome to the Text Blaze Assistant" notification, the grey square over the Text Blaze icon should go away. Let me know if it works for you.


Grey Square Text Blaze Icon

Strange :frowning: Does the issue solve itself if you restart your browser? Meanwhile, I will also check this issue internally and let you know (after some time)

OK! Thanks... :+1:

Hi Fabiano, we have identified this issue, and we'll release an updated version with the fix very soon. I'll keep you posted when the fix is live. Thanks again for reporting this.

Hi @Fabiano_Thimotheo_TP , can you please install the latest version (2.14.4) of Text Blaze from the webstore and check if the issue is resolved? You can remove the extension and then add it again from the same link.

Hi there! I had this same issue and I did as Gaurang_Tandon suggested and the annoying little gray square is now GONE!

Screenshot 2024-02-14 5.02.35 PM

Thank you!

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Hi @Prestige_Document_Se Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile: And thanks for confirming.