Healthcare Providers

Looking to connect with healthcare providers to share helpful documentation tips.

Hi, Im interested. Please send me an email.

I am interested as well. I am a psychiatric provider and have been using text blaze for a year and a half I think.
I use it all the time and would love to share some snippets.
I would even work with anyone who wanted to collaborate on shared snippets to make them better and more useful.
Brandon -

Hello everyone,

Are there no hipaa privacy/security concerns with using a text expander extension?

I work at a medical software company, and my VP of sales told me it would be best to stay away at least while inside our CRM. There is of course the option of disabling the extension while on the CRM webpage (can easily enable/disable useage on sites by click the extension icon on the extension bar).

Hi all,

It's awesome to see this interest in the medical field! I hope Text Blaze can help reduce the load on our medical providers.

I wanted to jump in to address Matthew's privacy question as it is such an important one.

You can review our privacy policy here:

We also have a dedicated page with information on Text Blaze and HIPAA here:

I'm also happy to personally do a video call with the IT folks (or other interested stakeholders) at any of your organizations to walk them through our infrastructure, how we secure data and answer any questions they have. Just have them shoot an email to and we can set up a call.

And of course, please let us know what other features might be useful in the medical space. We're always looking for ways to improve the Text Blaze!