Help with formula - Error message "Cannot convert a list to a number"

Thanks for any insight, can't figure out why I can't get this formula to work. Tried breaking each part into components to test and it seems each resolves into a number but then I can't put them all together without that error message "Cannot convert a list to a number"

Goal formula: 1.33*(Female) + 4.56ln(Serum bilirubin) + 0.82(137 - Sodium) – 0.24*(137 - Sodium)ln(Serum bilirubin) + 9.09ln(INR) + 11.14ln(Serum creatinine) + 1.85(3.5 – Serum albumin) – 1.83*(3.5 – Serum albumin)ln(Serum creatinine) + 6
My snippet version

Broken down by each to show each component works with example output

Sex: Female
T Bilirubin:1.4









Cannot convert a list to a number.

Hi @Jason_Cadwallader
Straight brackets [like these] create a list. If you want to use multiple parentheses, always use ().
Also, make sure you use * every time you multiple. For example 1.85*(3.5 – Serum albumin)

Try this:


This was great help, Thanks!! Didn't realize about the vs the ().