High memory usage

I really like your app but am concerned about the high amount of memory it's using on my Win 11 pc (see screenshot) and a related issue with very high app usage (see other screenshot). For an app that isn't supposed to be running in the background (per my windows app settings) and I only use periodically, it's using a lot of system resources. On top of that, this is happening when the app isn't open.
Screenshot 2024-06-05 173009

Hi @Jeff_Rothman welcome to the forum!

I can understand your concern. Note that the Text Blaze app is always running in the background, so that it can complete your snippets whenever you type your shortcut in any application.

In the first screenshot, I assume the second column is Memory usage. In broader context, the Memory usage here is inline with other common apps like Discord or Slack (which are also usually running in the background). That said, we're continuously working on performance improvements and adopting best practices. We will continue to work hard to improve the memory usage.

Regarding the second screenshot, I see the Network usage is a bit higher than what you expected. We'll analyze this and get back to you soon.

Just to confirm: you're running the Microsoft Store version of our app. Is that correct?