Highlight all and copy text


Is there a way to copy text? I want to use autopilot to highlight all and copy. It seems to highlight all (ctrl+a) but not copy (ctrl+c). Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Hi @log62000

Text Blaze cannot automatically copy highlighted text to your clipboard. Autopilot keystrokes aren't actual keystrokes. In reality, Text Blaze is only emulating what would happen when the keys are pressed, so there are some limitations.

One workaround is to put a {delay} command in your snippet to give you time to press Ctrl+C manually and copy the contents to the clipboard yourself, so that Text Blaze may then use them.

Since Text Blaze can't quite do this, you could look at something like AutoHotkey

Awesome, thank you!

@log62000 - a note of caution when using auto-keystroke software. Make sure it's secure and doesn't open up your computer to unneccessary risks. Some of these programs aren't exactly reputable.