Hotkey for snippet

I think it would be so helpful to add a hotkey to the menu to get the cursor into the New Snippet field. For instance when I press my hotkey to bring up TextBlaze and the menu opens, press a hotkey such as ALT+S and the cursor goes right to the Add Snippet box to enter a new snippet. Same with the button at the top that says SAVE. I do not like using my mouse and use my keyboard for everything so this would be so helpful for my production.

Hey Carol, thanks for the interesting suggestions.

when I press my hotkey to bring up TextBlaze and the menu opens

Can you clarify what you mean here? Which hotkey are you referring to in this case?

Oh I like this idea! The biggest problem I've had with Text Blaze is not being able to remember the snippets. So setting up a hotkey that opens a pop-up where the cursor is would be very helpful. The Save Snippet in window feature is a great one too.

Edit: Oh I just noticed we can right-click and these options are already there!

Hi Tandon!
I'll try to explain it better. I use TB as an extension in Chrome. I press Alt+L and a box opens up and I tab over to "New Snippet". At that point the dashboard opens and I have to use the mouse to put the cursor in the field where I would create a new snippet. I wonder if we can have the option to create a hotkey to get the cursor to automatically jump to that field so that we can add a snippet. This would be more productive in my opinion.

I hope that is more explanatory. I don't know how else to word it.


I had a little time to write a walkthrough of effective ways to stay organized when you have a lot of snippets in Text Blaze. While this isn't a solution to keyboard shortcuts, this audience might find it helpful: Can't remember your shortcuts? A few solutions

@Carol_Gualtieri Thanks, that makes sense. So, as I understand it, you want different kinds of hotkeys to click into different buttons and boxes inside of Right now, sadly, that's not possible. But I agree with you it'd be useful to have that functionality.

As a workaround for now, you can use the Vimium Chrome extension to navigate around the dashboard (and any other internet website) using its f shortcut. The extension is a bit technical to get started, but it's a breeze once you get used to it.

Thank you Tandon! I will check that out :slight_smile: