How can I copy and paste "Form Toggle"


When I copy and pasted a form toggle I build, anytime I check mark one on the form it ends up checking all of the one's I pasted. So every time I select "one" to turn it on, it turns them ALL ON! I need this to act more like a choose A, B, C, D, selection but they want "emoji's" and I can't do those in the dropdown boxes.

Any Thoughts? The other issue is I am putting multiple "text" blocks in, once I fill one out it fills in all of them with the same thing... Why is it doing that?


Hey @Alex_Di_Cenzo ,
Can you please share a sample snippet to better understand your issue (Please make sure you redact any personal information while sharing).

About the second issue.
Are you using same name for all text fields. Consider the below scenario.
Text fields with the same name (foo1) get the values filled up the same.

name="foo1":{formtext: name="foo1"}
another noname:{formtext}
another name="foo1":{formtext: name="foo1"}
name="foo2":{formtext: name="foo2"}