How can I turn off TB?

My shortcut is interferring with some work in a spreadsheet.

How can I turn TB off (without uninstalling?)

Hi @Jonas_Napier - welcome to the forum

To disable the Text Blaze extension without uninstalling it:

  1. Copy/paste this link into your Chrome browser URL bar:
    (Note that clicking on it won't work. You need to manually copy/paste it)
  2. This will take you to your Text Blaze extension page where you'll see an on/off toggle
  3. Click on the toggle to turn it off

That said, there are some ways to circumvent the problem you're experiencing.

My guess is that you're encountering this issue because your snippets start with a front slash /, so your spreadsheet is interpreting it as a division symbol.

However, your shortcuts don't necessarily need to start that way. I suggest trying some other characters. The question mark symbol shouldn't cause you any issues.

However, if I've misunderstood in any way, do let me know. Maybe I can suggest a viable solution.

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Thanks - that was what I was looking for.

And you got it exactly right

Thanks again