How do add blaze app to Brave browser?

Hello guy, I was wondering to know if anybody is using the blaze app on the Brave browser?

How to friend B and B?)

Thank you!

It should just work almost completely out of the box.

One issue we heard from users is that you may need to disable the Brave Shield when signing up as we use Google's Firebase service to for the Google Login which currently requires a third party cookie. We're planning to get rid of that need in the coming months.

Let us know if you have any issues!

Agree. I've been using Brave for months. May have switched from Chrome shortly after starting to use Text Blaze; I can't remember for certain. Either way, I've had absolutely no problems at all with my daily use of Brave+TB.

Since Chromium is the base starting point for Google Chrome, Brave, now Microsoft Edge, and a whole slew of other browsers, it's quite likely that you probably wouldn't have much of a problem with running TB with any Chromium-based browser.

Just to update this thread, we've made some changes to how we implemented Google Login. This should make things more compatible with Brave Shield.