How do you use Text Blaze with other apps?

Hi all,

Since Text Blaze works in chrome, I'm sure many of us use it in conjunction with a ton of other apps such as Gmail, Outlook, Google docs/sheets etc

What other apps do you use Text Blaze with, and how do you use them together? What kind of work flow do you use?

I know we have some Notion and Roam users here. I'd love to hear your thoughts on those and even other apps. Even if it's a simple thing, I'd love to hear it. Sometimes the simplest ideas can help a fellow user out and even spark bigger ideas.

Looking forward to hearing from you!


I use it in Google voice to text my clients. I text the same things constantly so this is a huge time savings for me. I take the key shortcut and program that into my mouse so with just a mouse click I can trigger my shortcut. I also use it in Gmail for the same reasons everyone else does.

I am very interested in this thread as I am always trying to figure out ways to improve my company's efficiency and remove errors due to repeated input.

I'm using it increasingly with Roam for templates. I still haven't succeeded in reproducing markdown like headings with Text Blaze yet, though.

@Brad_Deason - Cool idea programming the shortcut into your mouse. What kind of software do you use for that?

@Kevin_Murray - I really need to give Roam a test drive. Been wanting to try it.

@cedricdebono I use the standard Logitech gaming mouse software. I have multiple buttons on my mouse so I have about 5 different snippets programed in.

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