How teachers and educators reclaim their time and improve learning outcomes with Text Blaze

As a son of a teacher, I'm delighted to see that one of the fastest growing groups of Text Blaze users are teachers and educators. We are constantly amazed by how teachers use Text Blaze and the value they're getting from it.

When talking to teachers, three common themes emerge:

  • Reclaiming time: teachers are busy, and the ability to free up time and reinvest it in their students, loved ones and themselves is priceless.

“My rule is if I have to say something a third time, it becomes a snippet on Text Blaze.” -- @Yu_Vonne_James (read her story)

  • Better outcomes: the ability to provide detailed, consistent and personal feedback in a fraction of the time and to dedicate more time to students translated to improved teaching outcomes.

“Text Blaze has made me a better grader because it allows me to provide personalized feedback that is more relevant.” -- @Adam_Nowicki (read his story)

  • Consistency: aligning on scoring rubrics and communications using shared snippets help create consistency for students across classes.

"Using Text Blaze allows our classes to be more aligned. We created a bank of shared snippets, which helps create a more consistent experience from class to class for our students." -- @Tyler_Moberg (read his story)

To help you make the most out of Text Blaze, we collected Text Blaze resources for teachers in this page and we're here to help you and your colleagues get the most out of Text Blaze. Please reach out to us with any questions: