How text blaze 10$ credit system work?

Please tell me more about text blaze 10$ credit program. How it work ?

Hey @Engineer_Muhammad_Us , welcome to our community!
For every user who signs up with your referral link and verifies their email, you'll get $10 in credit. You can use this credit towards our Pro or Business subscription.

It may take ~24 hours from the time they signed up until the credit shows up.

Please let me know if you have any questions.


If I already paid for the annual subscription but I'm still recommending Text Blaze to all my friends and family, is there another way to spend my credit? Do you guys have merchandise? Or can I transfer the credit to another account I have?

Hi @Elizabeth_Juarez, new credit will be used for your next subscription renewal. You can also upgrade to Business and add other accounts, which is similar to transferring the credit to them.

Thanks for promoting Text Blaze. Please email me ( and I'll send you some swag for free :slight_smile:

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I work in a customer support center, I want to recommend the extension to my teammates in the first instance to improve our statistics, but ... If I can get an extra benefit from it better :money_mouth_face:

That's why I want to ask several questions before using the referral links.

  1. To get $10, do they have to sign up with a pro/business account or do they also sign up with a free account?

  2. We are located in Lima, Peru. I tried to pay using my TDC and it wouldn't let me, I had to use my account in USD to be able to pay my subscription and it took several days (not everyone has the time and disposition to do this process) so as not to lose referrals I can help them pay with my card, but it would be at least my entire team (25 agents) with different emails using my TDC. Can you do that without you blocking my TDC or do you have an alternative?

  3. What are the limits and scope of the referral program? How many can I refer maximum? In addition to paying more subscription renewals I can receive other rewards (merchandise, refunds to my TDC, travel packages, KFC coupons, company shares, hahahah) My intention is to show that the direction of. my employee see the numbers with improvement in SLA and they are the ones who pay my subscription.

  4. The videos on YouTube are very well done, but the format is very American. I want to make my own "unboxing" style video but I wanted to know if you have audiovisual material available to create it faster and be able to create the slide presentation to present it at the monthly process meeting. Can you help me?

Respuestas al correo, el correo que use para suscribirme es el de la empresa

Thanks Rafael, I've responded to you by email.