How to create a day-of-the-week checker?

I'm trying to create a snippet that prints certain text on Mon-Sat and then different text on Sunday. How can I use an if/else statement to accomplish this? I understand how the function works but I don't know the syntax.

The E setting for the time command gives you a numeric day of the week.

So this will work:

Current numeric day of week: {time: E}

{if: {time: E} == 7}It's Sunday{endif}

In particular, I'm trying to print something on Mon-Sat and not on Sun, so I would need something akin to the snippet below. But I don't know the syntax for setting an if statement equal to one of multiple options.

{if: {time: E} == {1,2,3,4,5,6}} It's not Sunday {else} It's Sunday {endif}

Instead of == you can use <> for "is not" and then use the else command to specify what appears when the condition is not met.

Current numeric day of week: {time: E}
{if: {time: E} <> 7}It's NOT Sunday{else}It's Sunday{endif}

Thank you! I just didn't know how to write "is not"!

So much to discover - that's probably my favorite thing about Text Blaze lol