How to Eliminate characters and/or Only Pick Up First Character

Hi TB Community!

I am wondering how I can eliminate characters/only pick up the first character using a "read from website" chip?

Here is the website I am reading from:

Here is how it is showing up in my snippet:

What would be right way to tell this chip to only use the first character? Or to eliminate the ending few characters? Whichever is easier :grinning:


Also - In a similar vein to my initial question -

I am using a "read from a website" as my default for this part of my snippet

Here is what Textblaze is pulling in:

How would I tell Textblaze to get rid of the first $ character when "reading from the website"?

Thank you!

Hi @ajduna7,

In these scenarios, you can utilize our list functions and text functions to set the default value for those text fields. For instance, in the first case, you can use split(baths, " ")[1], which will split the input on spaces into a list containing ["3", "(2/1)"] and select the first element, which is 3.

In the second case, you can use replace(rent, "$", "") to eliminate the "$" from the rent, effectively removing it from the final string.

Thank you for the Reply Ashwin!

I am "pulling in" the price from this website:

Here is how I structured the chip (to attempt to get rid of the $):

When testing the snippet - its gives me this error:
[Error - "default" cannot depend on form data here]

What does this mean and how might I go about addressing it?

Thank you Again :grinning:

Hi @ajduna7,

Actually, there is a small issue with the syntax. It should be replace(catch({site}, “”), “$”, “”). Let me know if you have any further questions.

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Thank you Ashwin! That worked perfectly :slight_smile: