How to enter a variable (i.e. no displayed form field)


I can shift dates but I want to be able to enter the number of days to shift in something like a form field but where the value isn't displayed on screen.

Here's the current script. I've set the color on the formtext to white to hide the entered value, as a hack. All I want is for it not to display; just to use the variable.

{formtext: name=offset; default=1}

Just letting you know that we would like to do your gutter clean {if: offset==1}tomorrow,{else}on{endif} {time:ddd MMMM Do; shift=+{=offset}D}.


Hi, and welcome to the forum!

You'll want to use the {note} command. It allows you to include content in the snippet that isn't actually inserted:

Perfect. And thank you for the quick reply. Great support.