How to extract only part of the text which is extracted using CSS selector from a website

Hi @scott ,

Can you please help me create a snippet to extract only a specific part of the text extracted using text function under website function?

{site: text; page=*; select=ifneeded; selector=:nth-child(19) .fzqMMl}

Basically, I created a snippet which extracts data from a website from a specific field.

for eg: I am getting the result as Greeting from John P Surmai

I only want the name that is after Greeting from

my result should be: John P Surmai

Hi @Shairaz_Khan and welcome to the forum.
Try using regex.
Replace text with your selector

{text="Greeting from John P Surmai"}
{=extractregex(text,"Greeting from (.*)")}

Hi @Dan_Barak1

Firstly, thank you so much for your reply and creating this awesome tool. For some reason, this was not working for me. While I was going through the community, I got this solution, which is slightly different from yours. Instead of using *, I used + and it worked for me.

{=extractregex(text,"Greeting from (.+)")}

@Dan_Barak1 Could you also help me with one more issue please

Using site selector method I am extracting a value in currency which is in negative format.

for eg after extracting I am getting -345.00 GBP but I don't want that (-) sign in front of my value.

I just want 345.00 GBP

please help.

The same method worked for this as well. Thank you.