I have been using a MS Outlook plug-in called "Ablebits Templates" ( ) in Outlook 365 desktop PC. But it does not work with gmail.

It has a range of "inserts" that can be put in z stored template, which then executes when you use that particular snippet (template).

The one I sorely miss in Text Blaze, is the following. It is placed inside the BODY of an Abletemplate snippet (template), and then inserts whatever-you-want into the SUBJECT LINE of any newly created email. I've found this to be a big time saver.

Can Text Blaze do this?

Here is the actual text string used in an AbleTemplate email message:

~%FILLSUBJECT= - THANKS FOR SENDING YOUR OLD RESUME. Yes I can help you - Reply from Jim The Resume Expert (Cheap Fast Resumes)


Try inserting this snippet in the subject line field in gmail:

This is the subject line{key: tab}This is the email content.

The first sentence will be inserted in the subject line. Then, Text Blaze will simulate the Tab keypress to move its focus into the email body field where it will insert the second sentence.

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@anon57366640. This solution that @Cedric_Debono_Blaze illustrates actually works extremely well. My team uses this for most of our snippets within Salesforce. We actually made it a rule that all snippets must start in the Subject field, so there is consistency in ease of use. If you’d like to know more, let me know.

Happy Blazing!

Sometimes it might make more sense to start in the body and then use {key: shift-tab} to tab back into the subject line, as there are some platforms that might require a different number of tab keys based on context. So if the first example isn't working consistently, you should try this approach.