How to Interrupt autopilot commands

I have some snippets that make heavy use of autopilot commands ( click, keypress, wait,...) to autofill a webform.

Sometime, if my wait delays are too short or in case of sluggish internet connection or slow website, the remaining sequence is not working as expected.

But it looks like there is no way to stop a snippet to complete it's execution. I tried the ESC key but that doesn't stop the snippet execution.

Is there a way to interrupt the snippet in the middle of his execution without reloading the page ( and risk losing unsaved information ) ? if not, it would be a good feature.

Hi Charles.

Unfortunately, there's no way to cancel the execution of a snippet, but sounds like a good idea to me, thanks for sharing it.

I'll add some more context. Pressing the Escape key stops autopilot in our desktop apps. It doesn't stop the autopilot in the browser extension.

As you noticed, the only way to stop autopilot in the browser right now is to reload the page. Your concern about losing unsaved information makes sense. I'll check if we can support Escape to stop autopilot.

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Good to know for the desktop app :+1:

Thanks for considering it for chrome extension.