How to link a url to the text expression 'click here'


In my 'snippet', I've created a 'text field' called 'link to offer' in which I plan to copy and paste a url link.
In this 'snippet' I've written the expression 'CLICK HERE'.
How can I make it so that when you click on 'CLICK HERE' you are redirected to the URL link page.

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Hi @olivierc,

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You can use our {clipboard} command to avoid pasting (just need to copy the required link) and the {link} command to insert links in your snippet.

{link: {clipboard}}CLICK HERE{endlink}

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Using the 'clipboard' command is a solution but I'd like to avoid it because if there are several different values to fill in the 'snippets' it could be confusing.

I've just tried the following command {link: {formtext: name=link offer}}CLICK-HERE{endlink} but it doesn't work?

Do you have a solution?

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Yes, actually, you have to keep {formtext} outside the {link} and use its name like this:

{formtext: name=link offer}{link: {=`link offer`}}CLICK-HERE{endlink}

Thank you. You are the best :wink:

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