How to make a snippet for a specific date AND time?

I cannot figure out how to make a snippet for a specific time on a specific date. For example, I want to say that: "Your appointment is on Wed, Mar 29th, 2023 at 8:30 a.m." The best snippet I have been able to figure out is "ddd, MMM Do, YYYY [at] h:mm A"; however, I always have to go back and edit the time, since it sets it automatically at 12:00 AM. Can someone please tell me how to write this Snippet? Thank you!

Hey @Kalen_Sanders, welcome to the community!

It sounds like you're using a Date Field to select that date, is that right?

The date field lets you set a date, but not a specific time, so it defaults to midnight like that. It's great that you've found the formatting, but you've found that won't let you set the specific time.

We'll do that through additional fields:

Your appointment is on {formdate: ddd, MMM Do, YYYY; cols=14} at {formmenu: name=hour; cols=5; values={=seq(1, 12)}; default=7}:{formmenu: name=minute; cols=5; values={=merge(["00", "05"], seq(10, 59, 5))}}{formmenu: default=AM; PM; name=ampm; cols=6}

You can leave the "h:mm A" out of your current formatting since we'll be adding the time through those other fields.

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