How to populate dropdown with text field input

Hey there! I teach classes online, and I have to fill out feedback forms after every class. They are very repetitive, and I've created a template that has sped things up significantly. I have two questions:

  1. At the beginning, there is a greeting with a dropdown of names of past students and an empty text form for names not on the list. Is there any way to make any non-duplicate name added to the text field be added to the dropdown options?
  2. Is there any way to automatically alphabetize the dropdown?

Thanks in advance!


Hi {formmenu: default=; Jungyeop; Ethen; Eundy; Jake; Minchul; Hyun; Donghyun; Inho; ; name=name}{formtext: name=},

It was great to meet with you for our {formmenu: default=; lesson on; Small Talk lesson} {formtext: name=lesson topic; default=} today! I enjoyed hearing {formtext: name=conversation content; default=about\ ; cols=30} and {formtext: name=conversation content cont'd; default=your experiences with\ ; cols=30}!

{formmenu: default=I don't have any specific feedback to offer on your performance in today's class, but as with most of my students, I recommend reading and listening to authentic materials in English (books, articles, music, podcasts) to refine your language skills.\ ; As with most of my high-level students, I recommend reading and listening to authentic materials in English (books, articles, music, podcasts) as the best way to refine your language skills. Reading high/formal register texts is a great way to aquire vocabulary in that register.\ ; This video explains some common pronunciation difficulties and some of the things you can do to work on them. YouTube; I don't have any specific feedback to offer on your performance in today's class, but it was great meeting you!; Great job as always. See you next time!; name=Specific Feedback}

{formmenu: Send-Off; Overall, great job, {=name}. Keep up the excellent work!

Best regards,
Dante; If you enjoyed our class, I hope you'll consider booking with me again in the future. Your feedback and a 5-star rating (if you believe it is warranted) are greatly appreciated, as they help sustain my presence on the platform.

Best regards,
Dante; Best regards,
Dante; name=Send-off}

Hi @Dante_Wadley Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

I believe what you described is a great use case for and possible with Data Blaze. Can you please share your current snippet by copy-pasting it here? We can build on top of it.

Absolutely! I was having a hard time getting it to paste before, but I've updated the post. Thanks so much!

Great, check this out:

The list is stored in Data Blaze and fetched in alphabetical order. You can choose the -NONE input at the end of the list to specify a custom name. The custom name will also be inserted into the table when you submit the snippet. Let me know if it works for you! :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Guarang!

First of all, I never properly thanked you for this Data Blaze snippet. It has worked marvelously since you scripted it for me in October, and it has made my life much easier! I have a related question follow-up question that I was wondering if you could take a look at. Our feedback process has changed somewhat, and now there is a separate section that needs to be filled in with specific language depending on the topic of the lesson. I understand the basic premise behind what you created for the previous feedback form, and I was wondering if you could show me how to execute the following.

I want to make a similar snippet that would offer me a dropdown of lesson topics that would automatically generate the corresponding commentary. I imagine the database would have two columns: one for LessonTopic and another for the commentary.

Simliar to the previous snippet I would love to be able to add to both the topics and lesson commentaries as I go, whenever a new topic arises. Is this possible?

Thanks in advance!


Black Friday
I enjoyed our conversation on the US cultural phenomenon that is Black Friday and I was curious to hear your thoughts on the topic as someone from another country.

Bucket Lists
I enjoyed hearing about the different items on your bucket list and your thoughts on the concept of "bucket lists" in general.

Hi @Dante_Wadley , sure, no worries. I have updated the same embedded bundle above. Look for the new snippet and the new table related to topics/commentaries (see image below):


Thank you so much!