How to Quickly Use Your Data From Anywhere

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How to Quickly Use Your Data From Anywhere

Spreadsheets are useful and can help you manage data, with CRM and task managers being good examples. However, reading data back and forth can be time-consuming.

Instead, use Data Blaze to quickly pull information from spreadsheets to use anywhere online.

Using the dbselect command, you can pull data from your Data Blaze spaces and include the information in your snippets. If you want to quickly add contact information to an email, Text Blaze + Data Blaze can help you do it quickly.


3 Things to know about dbselect:

  1. The dbselect command (Read from table) dynamically loads information from selected Data Blaze tables right into your Text Blaze snippets for you to use anywhere.

  1. You can choose which space to pull data from, which fields you want to load, and set conditions for the fields so you only use the data you want to include.

  2. You can choose to set the dbselect command to "menu" which provides a menu of options. You can also set it to "multiple" which creates a list of your data for you to use in your snippets (such as creating a table). Finally, you can also select "menu" and "multiple" if you want to select multiple rows.

How to Quickly Pull Data

Here's how you create a snippet with the dbselect command and use it to pull information:


  1. Click "Read from table" from the list of commands.
  2. Choose the Data Blaze space you want to read from.
  3. Choose which fields you want to pull into your snippet.
  4. Choose between menu (drop-down) or multiple (list).
  5. Click the fields to add them to your snippet.

Example - Lightweight CRM

  1. The first snippet uses the dbselect command to quickly pull in a contact's email address from the CRM Data Blaze space.

  2. The second snippet uses the dbselect command to add a company's name + industry in your message to them, which can save time when messaging contacts in your CRM.

  3. The third snippet uses the dbselect menu to pull in multiple pieces of information to form an outreach message to a customer in a CRM.