How to reposition the cursor

I am using textblaze with an online application that does not recognize the "enter" to move to a new line. The application ( will allow me to enter a single line of text by pressing "t" on the keyboard, and if I need to enter another, I have to move the cursor to a new location and hit "t" again.

I have a notary block that consists of 7 lines of text. Right now, I have to use 7 text blaze shortcuts and position the cursor for each one. Can anyone this of a solution to automate this?

--------------------This is the text block ----------------------------
Commonwealth of Virginia, County of Hanover

The foregoing instrument was acknowledged before me, Andrew Ray Yon, this
5th day of May ,2021, by Andrew Yon who produced a Driver's License
as identification. My commission expires August 31, 2022.

Andrew Yon
Electronic Public Notary

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Check out our autopilot and forms guides:

Specifically, if you have multiple fields on a page you can use the {key: tab} command to move between them.