How to update cell in linked table

I have two tables Customer and Available cars I have a linked column, how I can update the cell in a query?

Let's say I have these tables:

{dbselect: SELECT Name, Cars FROM Customers; space=id; menu=yes}

I can update the Cars field in the Customers table for "Sally" like this:

{dbupdate: UPDATE Customers SET `cars->id` = ["ROW_ID_1", "ROW_ID_2"] WHERE Name == "Sally"; space=SPACE_ID}

Where SPACE_ID is the ID of my space. ROW_ID_1 and ROW_ID_2 are row ids of the cars in the Cars table. I can have any number of row ids here, but I did two for example.

These row id's look something like "5Ro8hbxRxj45Md3jwLFNVI" and you can get them via the ->id syntax when querying Data Blaze or from the Data Blaze URL when you've expanded a row.

We have more information in this guide:

Thank you so much, I did it already