How to use font size 13

How can I create a snippet using font size 13? When I copy and paste the text from Word in font size 13, it reduces to 12 in Text Blaze.

Hi @Lisa_Sanchez Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

Currently we support defining a fixed set of font sizes that are listed in the Text Blaze Dashboard. I see that font size 12 and font size 14 are listed, but font size 13 is not listed. Would you like us to add 13 to the list?

Engineer at Text Blaze

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Yes, that would be helpful! I transcribe documents for an insurance adjuster, and all his reports are in size 13 font. There are many repeated phrases in these documents, which is why I am trying out Text Blaze. Thanks for your help.

Alright. I've moved your request to the feature ideas category. We'll keep you posted when there are any updates.