How to use multiple currencies?

As far as I understand from the forum, the currency format "Money ($,.2f)" utilises the locale that Text Blaze has registered, and that you can change this to give a different locale.

We would like to utilise multiple different currencies, principally GBP £, USD $ & EUR € in the same snippet form.

I haven't found a way to do this with custom formatting like "€,.2f" for example.

This just throws up an Invalid format error:

Is there a solution to this, other than hardcoding the currency in front of the dynamic field?

P.S. Really enjoying using the app so far...Great work!

Hi @NathanH Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

You can use multiple currency symbols in the same snippet like so:

${=123.456; format=,.2f}
€{=123.456; format=,.2f}
£{=123.456; format=,.2f}

Let me know if it works for you.

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Dear Guarang,

Thank you for the quick reply. Your solution does work for most use cases, and was also what I had in mind by 'hardcoding' the currency in the snippet. So thanks for sending this.

What would be even more effective in some instances was if there was a way to provide a different symbol directly in the format.

For example if I am using a price table with numbers in their currency columns and wish to custom format the answer (I appreciate, per your example, it is possible to put a symbol directly in the snippet):
{=row["price (usd)"]; format=$,.2f}
{=row["price (eur)"]; format=,.2f}
{=row["price (gbp)"]; format=£,.2f}

Is it possible to specify a currency symbol in a custom format, other than taking the decimal format and putting the currency symbol in as snippet text?

Sadly it's not possible to do that right now. We're open to supporting an option of locale=, for example {=123; format=$,.2f; locale=en-gb} - would produce the Pound symbol. But we have no ETA on that yet.

I read your example, but I still did not understand it. You can write your second example as: €{=row["price (eur)"]; format=,.2f}. To me, it looks equivalent, unless I'm missing something.