I want to create a model like a paid online salon


I use TB in my clinic in Japan. Create a group and share snippets. Is it possible for those who wish to do so to pay your company, and I will share the snippet, e.g., split 50% each of the fees that the members pay to your company? My share will be discussed with your company.

In other words, in a group, members pay Text Blaze individually for their use, and I share snippets with the members, a business model like a paid online salon. I would be happy to share snippets for free, but I think it would be more motivating to receive a fee.


We don't currently have any way to share revenue when sharing snippets, however, we do have a referral program that gives you credits so you can lower your Text Blaze bill (or make it free with enough referrals). You can access it by checking your Account page.

We also have an affiliate program where we share 50% of the referred payments. You can learn more about it and apply here


Thanks for the reply.

Can I share the snippets I create with anyone without creating a team?

Could you send me an email at obed@blaze.today and share some of the snippets you want to share with me first? I just need to verify them and then I'll give you access to share them with publicly.