Idea: Dynamic links

Hello wonderful Text Blaze team!

For my customers, I often find myself generating payment links that are specific to them.
There is 2 suggestions tied to that.

Firstly, if I input my link to the Text field provided by Text Blaze, it won't turn into a hyperlink once the text has been pasted.

Secondly, I often find myself manually renaming that hyperlink so that it looks readable for the customer, something I imagine could be programmable within Text Blaze.

Within the snippet, on the new form, you would be able to set the title for the link.
Once you use said snippet, it will ask you to input a link, which I can paste in from the clipboard, and it will turn into a link once the snippet is executed.

I would be very happy if this was added!

Thank you all for the hard work, this app is my favourite since the moment I first used it!

Hey @Mark_Veiermann , I'm not part of the support team BUT a short-term solution may be formatting the link in HTML or MarkDown. If I were you I'd start with Markdown, and explore using it in the app/site and then trying to implement what you learned there with your snippets

Hello Mark and Ishmael, welcome to the community!

We have a Link command feature that allows you to do what you're looking for. You can use it this way to achieve what you're looking for. You can enter your link in the text field and it'll automatically create a link for you:

{note}{formtext: name=link; default=}{endnote}

hello this is your {link: {=link}}payment link{endlink}


Ahh, gotcha, I was searching earlier for some command called "link", didn't think to look at the "Website" command, maybe it's possible to make the search function also search within the descriptions of commands to improve it?

Thanks, Mark.