If command responding to Text value

Is there a way to have the condition of an "if" command be a text value rather than a number? I am having trouble trying to make this work. I have a formmenu with multiple possible values, and when one specific value is selected would like a sentence to appear after it (I'm trying to make this extra sentence separate from the formmenu keep the drop-down from being super wide). I tried writing

{if: NameOfFormMenu=text of the form menu that should trigger this sentence}Blah blah blah{else}{endif}

But it does not like this syntax. I've tried with quotation marks but it didn't like this either. Is this possible?


You can do that like this:

Favorite color: {formmenu: name=color; red; blue; green}

{if: color == "red" }Red it the best{else}Should have chosen red{endif}

Note that text comparisons are case sensitive. You can upper() or lower() the strings if you want case insensitive comparisons.

Perfect, thank you!