Image in Meta and WhatsApp Web

I wanted to try inserting images, but I realized I need the "PRO" version. I would like to insert images in Messenger (META) and WhatsApp Web. Normally, I have to do this manually with CTRL+V, and I would like to use the provided command to insert them easily along with text.

Is it possible to paste images? I only use the browser on the computer.

Hi @Compratukitpo Welcome to the forum! :slight_smile:

When you use a Text Blaze snippet that contains text and images, it's as if you were copying the whole thing into your computer's clipboard and pasting it somewhere.

Some platforms will allow you to paste an image on its own, or text on its own, but not a combination of both. Unfortunately WhatsApp Web/Messenger is like that, so it's not possible to paste images there using Text Blaze extension at the moment.