Image on Whatsapp Web

Dear. I'm thinking about subscribing to the Pro version for use on WhatsApp web. I would like to know if it is possible to use images in messages.

Hi @Alberto_Rosa,

Welcome to the Text Blaze community.

Unfortunately, we do not currently support the use of images in WhatsApp web. We have encountered some technical challenges that have prevented us from implementing this feature. However, we are actively working towards supporting it in the future.

To answer your question, Text Blaze does not have the capability to insert images in WhatsApp web.

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Thank you very much, not only for the feedback but also for the speed of the response. I'll wait to see if this functionality is implemented. So, any tips on how I could use it? Image link hosted on a website, would it work?

Yes links should work. But it depends on the image platforms and whatsapp on how it preview them.
But Text Blaze snippets should successfully insert these links in a text form (not hyperlink form)

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