Imagine Insertion not working

So I add the image using the "Insert image" option and run the test on the website with no issues but the moment I try to use this shortcut on supported browser(Google Chrome) it does the little animation were confetti shows up but there's no image on the message.

Why is this happening ? can someone help me fix this

Hi @Alex_Ramirez ,
Based on the information, it seems the snippet is being triggered successfully. But the website/editor is ignoring the images which is being inserted.

When you use a Text Blaze snippet which contains images, it's as if you were copying the text and image into your computer's clipboard and pasting it somewhere.

The editor where you are using the snippet might allow you to paste an image on its own, or text on its own, but not a combination of both.

Try copying the image + text combination into your computer's clipboard and pasting it into editor. You'll see that only the text will be pasted.