Imbedded Snippets name changing needs fixed

Hi I was using imbedded Snippets but then decided to change the name of one. Well it didn't change the name where it was imbedded and it did not notify me that I could be causing this error. Is there a way to avoid this kind of error happening in the future?

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Hi Elizabeth! For now, sadly, there is no automatic way to avoid this error. After editing the shortcut of your embedded snippet, you need to:

  1. manually search (use the search bar in the top right) for occurrences of "import: "
  2. manually edit every other snippet to point to the new shortcut.

I believe we should have a better (more automatic) handling for this situation :slightly_smiling_face: So I have moved your post to the #ideas category.

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I think that embedded snippets should also let the user preview what they contain and let the user edit them from the preview if necessary. Or allow the user to click on them and be taken to where that snippet is for easy editing when needed.