Import .txt to textblaze

I have .txt files that I would like to use in text blaze.


I have a file called 'signature.txt' I would like to import it into text blaze.

Does this text file just contain a single snippet?

If so it would be easiest to copy and paste the text into a new Text Blaze snippet.

Text Blaze can import CSV files of multiple snippets at once, but if you have a snippet in a single file, copying and pasting would be best.

Hi Scott,

Thanks for the reply and for the info.

The text file does contain one snippet.

However, I am asking because I have a few hundred .txt files that I would like to import into Text Blaze as clippings and it would take a while to do that all manually (copying and pasting the content from each text file into a text blaze snippet).


So no, that isn't possible.

If you could convert them to a CSV using some type of shell script, then you could import them into Text Blaze in one shot.