Improve the "Select Snippet" menu

This might have been suggested earlier but i could not find anything by searching, so i apologize if this is a duplicate post.

Currently the "Select Snippet" menu / function only allows you to scroll through a list of all your snippets, which can be quite tedious if you have hundreds of them making you hunt down the correct snippet from a huge list (or by memorizing its position/order before going into this menu).
All the folders are also expanded in the list, without an option to collapse them to make the list more compact.

I would really like this menu to have a search field, and/or be able to collapse the folders in the list.

CleanShot 03.14 Fwadphgc@2x


Thank you for your feedback! We are aware of this limitation and that it can be tedious when you have many snippets. We're planning to improve it and your feedback will be useful for us to do so. At the moment I can't confirm when it will be done.

For now, you can find the correct snippet faster by using the browser search (ctrl/cmd + F). I hope that's of some help.

Hello @JoakimEdvartsen, I wanted to update you that this has been fixed. We've added a search feature at the top of the Snippet Import dialog. You can search your snippets by title or shortcut.