Improve Usage Dashboard

My organization is trying to report on Text Blaze usage to drive adoption and demonstrate value. Unfortunately, the current state of the usage dashboard doesn't offer much data to help with this. Some improvements/additions that would help us include:

  • Custom date ranges - view total snippets used, snippets per user, top snippets, etc. by day, week, month, or custom time range, instead of just by calendar week/past 7 days
    • Clarity around date ranges - indicate the precise start and end date for data shown, instead of just "weekly" or "past week"
  • Usage counts for top snippets - see how many times a snippet was used (total and per user), not just usage percent
  • Data export - download usage data in CSV/Excel format, so we don't have to manually enter data in a separate spreadsheet for running our own analyses
    • Scheduled reports - email usage data to admins weekly/monthly
  • Table view for teams/members - along with (or instead of) selecting teams/members to see a color-coded graph comparison, see usage data side-by-side in a (sortable) table