Inline Search Option

I am currently test driving this app for my company since the current text expander we were using (Magical) is no longer meeting our needs and we need something with robust teams options. TextBlaze has everything we need and more - but - there is no inline search feature and the "right click" option is not efficient for us (we currently have 550+ snippets and growing). We move quickly and obviously memorizing all of those will never happen.

With Magical all we type is "//" and then words that are included in the snippet and it shows us a list of options right there in the text field. Is this something that you are working on? This is the only reason why we most likely will not be moving over to your platform as we would not survive without this. Is this something we can look forward to?

Hi Daniel,
Welcome to the forum.

Text Blaze does have an "assistant" feature. You can trigger it using Shift+CMD+Space on Mac or Shift+Alt+Space on Windows or by clicking on the Text Blaze extension icon. You can configure the keyboard shortcut to trigger it here.

See this video for more information: Pinning the Text Blaze Chrome Extension & using the Assistant Menu - YouTube . Let me know if you have any questions.

Also, I would love to learn more about your team's needs and discuss how Text Blaze can help address them. If you're interested, please email me at