Input from Google Sheets to EMR

My clinic's workflow involves capturing patient check-in information via a kiosk. The data is then formatted and put in a Google Sheet (HIPAA compliant) and I finally figured a way to use TB to copy and paste the information into our EMR (AthenaHealth). This saves at least a minute off a 15-minute visit, which adds up if we see at least 100 patients a week. The best benefit is that it decreases the human capital needed to complete a visit.

If you watch the video, you can see Text Blaze dealing with weird inputs like free-text, drop-downs or radio buttons. There's an if-statement to take into account if a patient wanted to input an email (it's optional).

Here is a video of Text Blaze in action: TextBlaze EMR Input - YouTube

The preformatted data looks like this:
26 Dol Road

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