Insert a space before the cursor


If I use the command:

{if: Hersteller=="Firma 1"}This is my text {cursor} text.
{elseif: Hersteller=="Firma 2"}

the cursor will be placed without the space after the word "text". So I tried to add the space with a "custom key press" prompt, but this didn't work.

How can I add the space before the cursor?

Hi @kamuro,

Yes, it seems like the Text Blaze is doing something weird with the spacing. In fact, if you try to preess the space bar again, then you get two spaces after the cursor.

For now, you could remove the space after the cursor:

This is my text {cursor}text

This will give you the space before the cursor, and then you could type the space manually after entering your text.

In the meantime, I'm escalating this to our tech team to look into it. Thanks!