Insert Dropdown Menu using Data from Data Blaze Tables

I can insert basic dropdowns into snippet using dropdown feature. But this requires me to manually add fields. Also, its limited in the amount of data i can add. For instance, I am creating a superprompt for ChatGPT and want to select from a list of scientists that i have in the table on DataBlaze. For each scientist there, i have several column, like theories, keywords, papers, etc. Depending on request, i want to quickly choose what i want to add to the superprompt for ChatGPT to consider when creating an answer.

I cannot figure out how to get data from the table in data blaze show up in a Snippet Form for me to select the scholars.

Hey @Mikhail_NYC and welcome to the forume. What you're looking for is the read from table command that allows you to select one or more rows from a table and use the information in a snippet.
Here's an example:

Let me know if you have any questions.

This is beyond awesome. All of this. Quick question for you.
when the menu pops us in the form, the font is really big and its only a single line.
how can i make that font much smaller and wrap it.
I have sets of instructions that i need to choose from, but i can only see the first few words.
I tried changing the size of the font to Small, but when i run the snippet, it does the same thing, and when i return, the font is back to normal.

You can change the column width (col) setting of the select from table command to be much wider.

Hello dan,
You can no longer see these fragments. Can you update please?
You really need this trick.
I need to show a dropdown field because the dropdown field of the read command complicates my work

here is it again.
Let me know if you have any questions.