Insert form value alongside additional text into a table cell?

Hi there! I need help using Data Blaze to insert rows into a table. I understand how to add a new row with a single table value per single cell (like SET title=@title,), or how to add text (like SET title="This Is the Book Title"), but is there a way to combine the two to get something like "The title is @title" into the cell? (When I've tried, it appears just like that in the cell, rather than @title being replaced with the book title.)

In reality I want to insert something that uses several table values intermingled with text, so putting each snippet of text and each table value into successive cells seems overly cumbersome.

Hey Megan,

Welcome to the community!

You could approach this by first setting a new variable that writes the text as you want it, and then write that variable back to the data blaze table instead.

{formtext: name=title}{fulltext=concat("The title is ",title)}
Example: {=fulltext}

In this case, I called it "fulltext" and you could write back the fulltext field to data blaze. This is using concat to combine the text "The title is " with whatever you enter into your title formtext field.