Insert Table for my legal documents

This is ideally not a question but just to show how I tried to use table in legal documents.
We have to prepare legal documents on daily basis which generally has table in it. I have created many snippets which generate documents for me but I have to manually add table in it afterwards with details.

What I have done is, I placed table (as per requirements of the documents) in the google doc file and then using Autopilot mode I navigate the entire table. You can see the video.

I need your suggestion if I can improve this in more efficient way.



Wow, really awesome use case! You're essentially generating 12 pages of content in just a few minutes.

Reminds me of when I used to do something similar as a CM in a past job :slight_smile:

Well done!

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I would be interested in learning how to do something like this for my mental health private practice.


Hi @Edward_Darrah

Sure, please let me know what exactly you are looking for. I will try to answer that. Are you looking exactly for using table or creating legal documents for your business?


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Hi Pratik - Thanks for your reply. I am looking to make similar workflows with TextBlaze specific to healthcare, such as progress notes, assessments, and medical reports. Your setup is something I have tried to build before. Do you offer any consultation or training? I am happy to pay for your time.

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Yes, I do offer consultation and training. Let's have a call set up at your convenient time. Calendly - CorProDoc

I'm sure you all already know, but - just to update visitors on this thread - we now support tables natively in Text Blaze Snippets. To insert a table, use the table option in the snippet editor, like this: