Insert User's Fname and LName

Hi Is there a way to insert a user's name instead of their email address?

Are you referring to the {user} command? E.g you would like something like {user: firstname} and {user: lastname}?

That's not possible at the moment as we don't know the user's first and last name. We've considered extending the {user} command with organization defined custom properties so you could do things like that or {user: phone_number} or {user: favorite_color} or whatever else you wanted to define. Is that something you are interested in?

In any event, for now you can achieve a similar effect using the {import} command. If each of your users' created a "-firstname" snippet and a "-lastname" snippet with their custom information you could then do something like "Kind regards, {import:-firstname}" in a shared snippet.

Hi Scott, yes I figured since you sign in using gmail you might be able to do something like {user: firstname}. Most of my users are not techy enough to go through and create a snippet to recall it in the import command. I'm trying to stream line this as much as possible.
Is there a command that could pull a field from the current website? I could possible pull the salesforce user name into it.

Maybe I can trim everything after the @ in the email generated from {user: email}

You can pull information from the webpage the user is on via the {site} command. You can extract specific parts of a page via CSS selectors or Regular expressions.

More info is available here:

Let me know if you have any questions! And yes, you could also easily get the first part of the email with something like:

Email: {user: email}
First part: {=split({user: email}, "@")[1]}

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Just what I need, thanks!