Insert website information

Hello, this option is not working. Whenever I try to use it, it prompts me to install the chrome extension (which is already installed). I would appreciate your help.

Hi @Jaime ,
Are you trying to use the snippet inside of your browser?
Do you also have the Text Blaze desktop app installed?


I do have the PC app, I also know I cannot use that option outside of the web browser yet. I already have two snippets created with that option, but since the last update I cannot do it anymore. I appreciate any help Dan.

Hi @Jaime,

Can you please check if you are logged in to Text Blaze browser extension? You can check that by visiting in the same browser with the extension installed.

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I am logged in, the problem is solved. I think the problem was that I was using the PC app to create the snippet, and it had to be using the chrome page. Thanks for your prompt and useful response Ashwin.