Inserting Screenshots with {clipboard}

This may have already been covered but I couldn't find any information on it in my search and the docs provided on the {clipboard} command only seem to touch on copying text data to use with this function. Is it possible to insert a screenshot from your clipboard using this or is there another command that is better suited to accomplish this?

Hi @Ashlyn_Murrell
You're right. The clipboard command doesn't paste images.
Are you always copying images from the same website? the {image} command may be useful.

It is from the same website, but the images aren't downloadable nor do they have a URL that I could copy. It's a screenshot of a dynamic chart that can only be accessed by SSO so I'm unsure how the security settings would interfere with the {image} command.

Got it. Thanks!
No solution for this currently, I'm afraid.
Do you mind adding it as a feature request?

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