Intermittent DB Space Not Selected Error

Several of my users have reported over the past few days that they randomly get an error message when running a snippet connected to a space that says "Space not selected". However, the refresh the page and all is well. I can say that today, it happened at the following times:

2/29/2024 14:59 EST
2/29/2024 15:04 EST
2/29/2024 15:06 EST

I checked to make sure that all Spaces are connected and that the connections are/were updated. I cannot find anything on my end that appears to be the culprit. Especially odd since it is not happening to all users. Please advise.

Hi Brad, do you see this issue when previewing the snippet (in the Text Blaze Dashboard) or when triggering the form snippet?
You mentioned "refresh the page" fixes the issue, so I assume it is the Text Blaze Dashboard only.

Hi @Gaurang_Tandon Apologies for the delay. The agent reporting the situation replied with this: "It was after I filled out the form and attempted to run the snippet".

@Gaurang_Tandon I just received new information from the agent reporting the error. Turns out is was not an error related to a DB Space. That was a terminology miscommunication due to the agent not being familiar with DB Spaces. The issue is actually a Click Command error. This error I have seen many times, and even received a few times myself. I agree with what the agent says though - refreshing the page tends to solve it. There has to be a way to prevent this from happening. I do not know what it is though. I have reset the selector several times, yet the error still happens seemingly at random. Also, it only seems to be an issue with the "Case Team" selector.

Here's the error:


Hi Brad, thanks for the clarification. It mostly implies that the element doesn't exist at that point of time. If you are able to reproduce this issue consistently, feel free to ping me and we can take a look at this on call.

Long term, there's a couple of options to handle this more gracefully:

  1. Click with a timeout: we would wait for the element to exist until X seconds
  2. Manual click: if the click fails, you can click manually, and resume the snippet

Neither of these exist yet. I suspect the second option is not helpful because you probably don't want your agents to have to remember all the different clicks. Also, it might be difficult to remember them anyway just given the selector (unless there's some sort of description to go along with it).

We plan to support option 1, but we have no ETA on that yet. If you have any other suggestions on this, happy to hear them! :slightly_smiling_face:

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Yeah option 1 sounds most useful. I am confused about why the selector would not be available yet on the page…and why it’s only that specific selector that the issue happens with. It would be great if TB checked for selector availability at the point the snippet is triggered, instead of when it is inserted. This would save the agent from having to redo all their work. Thoughts on that idea?

Just to clarify: the selector is not checked immediately on snippet insertion. The selector is checked just before the element has to be clicked. As to why only this selector would fail, I am not sure either :slightly_smiling_face:

Note that when the {click} command fails, it allows you to copy the information that you had entered into the form. This way you shouldn't hopefully lose any information. Let me know if that's not what you're looking for.