Introduce some randomness to your life (and snippets)

Not everything in life needs to be predictable... Text Blaze can help you introduce randomness to spice up your communications.

Here are a few things to try out:
1. Randomly select from a few options using the Randomize command pack.

{random-text: Hi, Howdy, Hey, Hey there, Hello, Whussup}

2. Generate random numbers using the random() function


{note}Generate {formtext: name=numbers; default=1; cols=5} numbers between {formtext: name=from; default=1; cols=6} to {formtext: name=to; default=100; cols=6}:{endnote}
{repeat: for n in seq(1,numbers)}{=round(random()*(to-from)+from)}{if: n=numbers}{else}, {endif}{endrepeat}

3. Randomly read a line from a table. For example, randomly generate a quote from a database of quotes